Pi-hole on Ubuntu Server 18.04 within Hyper-V VM

So I wanted to use Pi-hole on my home network but making use of my server rather than adding a raspberry pi. I already had Hyper-V server installed so I created a new VM using only 1 processor and 1024mb of Ram (love how little system resources it needs). I gave it 5GB of Hard Drive space which is plenty, then I installed Ubuntu Server 18.04 from the ISO. Setup is pretty painless but before I could install Pi-hole I noticed on a few forums a few packages needed to be installed on Ubuntu first:


First was to install dialog so on Ubuntu run:

sudo apt-get install dialog


Next was to install dhcpcd5 on Ubuntu run:

sudo apt-get install dhcpcd5


Then run the Pi-hole installer:

curl -sSL https://install-pi-hole.net | bash

Run through the installation and remember the password that it gives you at the end, especially if you have installed the Web Admin Site which looks like this and provides a simple method of making changes to pi-hole: