Install SSL Cert from GoDaddy on IIS 8 in Windows Server 2012 r2

1) Create Cert Request
Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
Click the Server
Under IIS grouping find “Server Certificated” and double click it:-

Under Actions (right hand side) click “Create Certificate Request…”

Enter in some details e.g.

Click Next

Select Bit Length 2048

Create an output file – click finish.

2) Import to Go Daddy

Open the Text File that you created above and you will have a load of characters – this is the key.
In Go Daddy purchase the SSL Certificate e.g. * or click Manage if you already have one.
In the next screen click the ReKey & Manage button:-

Expand Re-Key certificate + tab and you will see:-

Copy/Paste the text from the file you created above and click Save. Then click the “Submit All Saved Changes”
Then wait a few minutes whilst it is processed.
Once Complete click the Download button and save the zip file.

3) Install on the Server

Follow the instructions on the Go Daddy WebSite at:-
IIS8 Install a Certificate
But the most important bit is to reboot the server otherwise the Certificate will not work.

If you find that your Certificate seems to disappear when you “Complete Certificate Request…” this is because your certificate hasn’t been correctly keyed for the server so please re-do Step 2 above.