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Using XBox 360 Kinect on Windows 10 for Skype or Microsoft Teams

So I wanted to use my old XBox 360 Kinect as a WebCam for conference calls using either Skype or Microsoft Teams. Lots online about how this is possible but most posts didn't work as so old. Here is how I managed to get it working.

This forum had all the details (1st Post):


However I noticed you cannot use the latest SDK v2 to register the KinectCam.ax. You needed V1:


Once you install this version (uninstall all other versions first) you can then register the KinectCam.ax and the camera is now accessible in Skype. 

However Microsoft Teams would still not see the camera. So for this I installed ManyCam and which used the Kinect Cam and was now usable in MS Teams and all other apps.

You can also adjust the angle of the camera using the file located at (hidden folder) config.ini:

C:\Users\[your username]\appdata\Local\KinectCam

Just change the [CameraElevationAngle]

e.g. I have it at CameraElevationAngle=9

x64 Windows only 3.25GB of usable memory

Had 8GB of spare memory so popped it into an old Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 and installed Windows 7 x64 bit as the processor was x64 compatible.

Checked windows system and noticed it had 8GB (3.25GB usable).  Strange, so I upgraded the bios to the latest version and checked that it was seeing 8GB, which it was.


I noticed under msconfig.exe (just type it into search and you will find it, or usually under C:\Windows\System32)

Click "Boot" Tab

Click "Advanced options"

"Maximum Memory" was ticked - so I un-ticked it and rebooted

And now I have the full 8GB of ram available.

View Windows Active Directory (AD) Users and Computers on Windows 7

If you want to be able to search Active morning after pill Directory in Windows 7 this is quite easy.

First install the Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 (currently with an abortion pill Service Pace 1 (SP1)) at:-


The install will looks something like this:-

Once Installed you now need to add this feature.

Go to Control Panel - Programs

Under "Programs and Features" select "Turn Windows Features on or Off"

Scroll down and expand "Remote Server Administration Tools"

Expand "Role Administration Tools" and select all under "AD DS and AD LDS Tools"

For Example:-

Click OK and these will install.

Now under Start Button - All Programs - Administrative Tools you will have some new programs.  The main one to use is "Active Directory Users and Computers".