.Net Reflector how to de-compile to a new .Net Project using FileDisassembler

I needed to de-compile an old .Net EXE that we didn't have the source code for (yes I know it should have been in the Source Control software, but a previous employee who was my boss didn't do this).

So I had the free version of .Net Reflector and noticed that you can get a extension to re-build a project and de-compile the EXE.  Excellent but how abortion in chicago do you get it to work.

First if you do not have .Net Reflector then please find the free version, I am using version 6

Next download Reflector.FileDisassembler, remember to match the versions - I used this website to download http://www.denisbauer.com/Home/ReflectorFileDisassembler

Extract .Net Reflector to a directory

Extract Reflector.FileDisassembler to the same directory

Start Reflector (Run as Admin) and you see something like

From the View Menu - Select Add-Ins

Select Add and add the Reflector.FileDisassembler.dll

Close this form

On the main screen, File, Open and find the EXE you want to de-compile

Select the file on the Main screen

Then Tools - Select File Disassembler (ignoring the top for abortion facts menu item disassemble)

A new screen will be displayed and this will let you build a new project.

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