Asp.Net Forms Auth Login Page change globalization language culture

Using the standard Asp.Net Forms Authorization for an external web application which we needed to translate into another language other than English.  Changing all custom code is simple enough as we just use either local or global resources.  However what about changing the built in Asp.Net functionality like the login screen to another language.  Well good old Microsoft have thought of that and it is really simple.

First in your page make sure you have culture="auto" and uiculture="auto" as that will tell the code to make use of the browsers language settings for the user e.g.

Next is the simpler bit just install the .Net Language pack on the web server for the language you wish to use.  In this case I am wanting German so I pick the following for .Net 4.5:-

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 Language Pack

So now the login screen (showing out of the box screen so no formatting) in English is:-

And if my browser is set to German:-

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