Windows Server Essentials Connector just hanging after entering account

Following on from my post:-

Connecting Windows 10 to Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials

I found running the Windows Server Essentials Connector Configuration Wizard was hanging after I entered the account and password details.  No error messages appeared, just stopped working.

Looking at the connector logs:-

C:\ProgamData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs (ProgramData is a hidden folder but it exists on Windows 10).

I opened the most recent txt file in this case it was called ClientDeploy.txt and noticed lots of errors relating to:-


A bit strange as the browsers work.


The fix was a bit simple really, the DNS setting on the Wifi was set to Automatic and pointing to the routers IP lets say however I needed to change the DNS setting to use the IP of the server lets say  Re-running the Essentials Connector and it went straight through.  I changed the DNS setting back to be Automatic and everything works as it should.

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