Adding Windows 10 PC to a domain using VPN

As a remote worker I needed to join my newly built Windows 10 PC to the domain using Windows VPN.

  • First login to the machine as a local admin
  • Setup a VPN to the company and connect
  • Join the PC to the domain
  • Reboot
  • Log back in as local administator
  • Connect VPN again, switch account
  • Try logging on with your domain account and you will probably see this error:-

The Group Policy Client service failed the sign-in.  The universal unique identifier (UUID) type is not supported.


If you log back into the local administator account you will notice the VPN has been disconnected which did not happen in Windows 7.  The fix is simply to create a VPN that stays connected when you switch account.

So login again as the local administrator and run powershell as administator, then enter:-

Add-VpnConnection -Name NAMEOFVPN -ServerAddress VPNADDRESS -AllUserConnection $true -SplitTunneling $true -AuthenticationMethod MSChapv2 -TunnelType Automatic -EncryptionLevel Required -PassThru

Connect to the VPN which using NAMEOFVPN you used in the PS Script.

Switch accounts and try to login as a domain user and you will not see the error again.

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